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Erik Cervin-Edin, Tall & Swedish

(very) Short story of Erik Cervin-Edin.

A Witty, Creative Visionary; born in Uppsala, Sweden. Full of pizazz - passionate about design, technology & going places.

What I do for living - managing international, digital projects.

What I live for doing - Travel | taking Photos | making Film | sampling Music | Tweeting nonsense. Ocassionally, I ponder upon the existential significance of said waste of time

I prefer to think outside the box...

I prefer to think outside the box…

I solve communication problems using creativity, and technical solutions.

My goal is to deliver clear and concise digital communication, that works across languages and cultures.

Born in 1988

Growing up I was obsessed with all things animated. I wanted to be a cartoonist & so I was always drawing comics.

In 1995, my father bought me a DAW, so that I would learn to play the piano; but I spent my days making smurf-music and playing Civilization II instead. I’ve been fascinated with technology ever since I disassembled my first computer at age 9.

2002, I took off to study at a hogwarts-looking English boarding-school. Hours away from home I spent the next 3-years learning uprightness & how to be a Man. It was a memorable experience.

  • I got to fly planes with the Royal Airforce!
  • I got suspended for drinking too much Vodka…
  • I got my first kiss!

On my return to Sweden in 2005, I came back fluent in English & swearing in Chinese, Korean & Russian.

Back home I formed Filmföreningen - a society of cinephiles who enjoyed watching copious amounts of movies. We predicted Academy Awards & made ridiculous short-film adaptations/spoofs while fulfilling extra curricular requirements of the IB Diploma. I also proved the earth is round.

I enrolled as a Global Communications Major in 2008. As I really enjoyed my Art class & Film shenanigans in High-School, I complemented with Film & Fine Arts minors. To pursue creative endeavors & learn a new language, I attended the American University of Paris.

In school I built a website, shot films, hosted a radio-show, spend hours in the dark-room & starred in a musical. The most fun was creating an Internet Marketing campaign for UNESCO & writing my Senior Thesis, examining the brand value of the Google Doodles.

Right now I work in Paris. Here I manage digital projects. My goal is to create digital environments that facilitate, encourage, and engage discussion and interaction.

When I'm not

I'm either basking in the sun or detailing my life on Twitter.
Unfortunately, less of the former & more of the latter.

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I respond to ALL sorts of nonsense

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